Don't Sweat It Summer Sales Event

May 19th, 2016

Summer is heating up! Try cooling down with energy efficient MacroAir industrial ceiling fans.

According to OSHA, the ideal workplace temperature ranges from 68°F to 76°F, which makes MacroAir fans ideal for keeping your employees as cool as a cucumber during the sweltering summer months.

MacroAir fans can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs and make money by increasing productivity. By delivering large volumes of evenly distributed airflow through gentle, near silent air movements these HVLS (High Velocity, Low Speed) fans can decrease the perceived temperature by as much as 8°F.


To make sure you and your employees don’t feel the burn from blistering warehouse temperatures, Kenco Toyota-Lift is offering a limited time MacroAir fan summer promotion. Now through August 31st, receive a 10% discount on any fan we have in stock or a 5% discount on any new order placed. We can also provide an installation quote.

Call Joey Larkin at 423-280-4748 or email him at to place your order today!

**Orders must be received by August 31st 2016 for discount to apply**