Beau Knows: Loading Dock Safety

September 28th, 2016 -

Today’s loading docks are the highest trafficked areas in many warehouses. With all the demands and moving parts of a loading dock it is essential to keep things running efficiently yet safely.

Here are 3 key components of maintaining a safe loading dock:

  1. Routinely inspect loading dock equipment: Just because your loading dock is one of the few warehouse items that can take a beating and still be left out in the cold doesn’t mean it should be neglected. All of your loading dock’s mechanical components (i.e. dock levelers, vehicle restraints) should be on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, and any other dock accessories (i.e. dock plates and dock bumpers) should be inspected routinely to ensure everything is still in place and working properly.
  2. Be aware of the hazards of open dock doors: Open dock doors can create all kinds of headaches for warehouses. Not only do you lose out on hundreds of dollars in energy savings cost, but open doors can also leave you and your employees at risk. If your dock doors are more than four feet from the ground, taking precautionary measures like installing dock barriers, using fall hazard signage, and making sure each employee has been OSHA trained in dock safety could help you to avoid a potential disaster.
  3. Keep the dock area clear: Many loading docks are also the staging areas for incoming/outgoing product. Create a well-organized space with designated areas for: staging product, forklift aisles, and pedestrian walkways. Keep these areas clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills, and any other hazards that could cause slips, trips and falls.

By increasing your loading dock safety, you can improve your loading dock productivity.

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